The Biologique Recherche treatment protocol is always based on a personalized dermo-cosmetic diagnosis with thorough analysis of each person’s Skin Instant© – a distinctive approach that blends the physiological, the behavioural, and the tactile.

Our methodology is designed to pinpoint the treatment protocol best suited to each individual’s needs and skin concerns.

Facial treatments


When you arrive at the Ambassade Biologique Recherche Bangkok, you’ll be greeted in the space devoted to skin diagnosis by one of our practitioners. An analysis of your Skin Instant© will be carried out using measurement tools such as our Skin Instant©Lab and the VisioLab©.

This analysis, supplemented by a behavioural and physiological appraisal along with some palpation, enables our team to design the best-matched treatment protocol for your Skin Instant©.

All Biologique Recherche’s personalized treatments are devised around one or more Booster treatments, which the expert will prescribe after your skin diagnosis. The longer your beauty treatment is, the more specific modules and techniques can be added for better results.

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Facial skin diagnosis

An in-depth skin diagnosis is a key part of the Biologique Recherche protocol, so we can personalize your beauty treatment according to your skin Instant©  by using a specific physiological, behavior and tactile approach.

Personalized treatments


60 minutes

90 minutes

120 minutes

Booster facial treatments

Soin Booster VIP O2

For brighter skin (60 mins)


Soin Restructurant et Lissant

For replumped skin (60 mins)


Soin MC110

For minimizing wrinkles (60 mins)


Soin Lift C.V.S.

For firmer and more toned skin (60 mins)


Soin Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage

For refined skin texture (60 mins)


Soin Peeling aux Acides de Fruits

For deeply Purified skin (60 mins)

Specific treatments

Soin Intense Sebum Control

For purified and repaired skin (60 mins)


Soin Ultimate Brightening PIGMENT 400

For lightened and radiant skin (90 mins)

Modules of efficacy

To complete your facial, we offer additional modules to target specific skincare needs, using exclusive products or machines.  These extras are only available with treatments of 90 minutes or longer.

Module Co-Facteurs

An intensive custom treatment (30 mins)


Module Remodeling Face©

To optimize the efficacy of our treatments (30 mins)


Module Mentonniere

To redefine the jawline and neck (30 mins)


Exclusive treatments

Soin Seconde Peau*

A world first in professional aesthetic care, this regenerating and lifting treatment features an electro spun mask with 80% pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid and is designed for altered Skin Instants©   We recommend 3 sessions at 1-week intervals, followed by one session every three months.

(60 mins)

*This treatment is not included in exclusive club pass

Soin Micro-Puncture©

An intensive treatment using Cocktail d’actifs Regenerants (58 active ingredients) that activates collagen production through intra-epidermal micro-stimulation and helps combat premature signs of skin aging. 

(90 mins)

Haute Couture program


The ultimate tailored treatments just for you

By appointment only


Biologique Recherche broke new grounds in personalized skin care with the ultra-customized treatment line launched in 2011.

The Haute Couture is designed to bring you just the right products and unique treatments to suit your individual Skin Instant©.

Biologique Recerche’s unique approach is founded on a highly personalized vision of the skin, leaving behind cookie-cutting methods and adopting Skin Instants© instead.  That is why the treatments and products we recommend vary to suit your skin’s different needs at every appointment.


The Haute Couture comprises three basic stages, which are repeated over the months:

  • Cosmetologically evaluation and diagnosis of the skin
  • Custom products mixed to match your exact needs
  • A personalized treatment plan


At the end of your program, an assessment will done with a doctor from Biologique Recherche.

The Haute Couture program can be spread over 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

Body treatments


An expert in facial skincare, Biologique Recherche also applies its personalized approach to the body. We offer a full-body diagnosis, including a questionnaire, visual examination of your epidermis, and bioelectric stimulation to measure and analyze your body composition.

Our body treatments are tailored to your precise needs by one of our expert beauticians. We offer body treatments lasting 60, 90 or 120 minutes. The longer your beauty treatment is, the more specific techniques can be added for better results on your skin.

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Soin P50 Peau Neuve

For softer, more hydrated skin

An exfoliating and revitalizing treatment. It leaves the skin on your body softer, more even and moisturized.

Soin Booster Minceur

To refine your bodily contours

A draining treatment that smooths your bodily contours and reduces cellulite.

Soin Lift Corps

For a sculpted and toned body

A lifting and toning treatment. Your skin texture is smoothed and your body is resculpted.
Soin Minceur aux Algues

To detoxify your body

A purifying and detoxifying treatment. It promotes the elimination of toxins and helps improve microcirculation.

Soin Jambes Légères

For a sensation of lightness

A draining, decongestant treatment. It stimulates the circulation and leaves legs feeling lighter.

SCALP treatments


Biologique Recherche has teamed up with the charity Wellness For Cancer to offer special personalized treatments to cancer survivors and people living with cancer. Because each treatment and each individual is different, Biologique Recherche’s qualified Wellness For Cancer experts are trained to carry out a personalized diagnosis before offering you products and manual techniques that match your needs.

At the heart of Biologique Recherche’s philosophy is an approach that blends the physiological, the behavioural, and the tactile. This personalized approach to beauty is manifested through its Skin Instant© diagnostic tool that uses a patented algorithm to analyze skin condition and provide tailored treatments.

You want a treatment that’s tailor-made for YOU? Our personalized treatments do just that. Biologique Recherche offers a unique skin care Bangkok diagnosis and a personalized treatment protocol.

One pair of hands, one treatment. We work with you to create a personalized treatment protocol based on your Skin Instant© – a detailed analysis of your skin’s characteristics, habits and needs. The Biologique Recherche treatment protocol is always based on a personalized dermo-cosmetic diagnosis with thorough analysis of each person’s Skin Instant© – a distinctive approach that blends the physiological, the behavioural, and the tactile.

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