Ambassade Biologique Recherche Bangkok is located in the heart of the Bangkok, Sukhumvit, Thonglo.  It is away from the bustle of the street, once steps into it is quiet inner courtyard, tranquilizing window will blow away your daily stresses and take you into total relaxation and peaceful sensation.

You do not have to travel across the world to enjoy the luxury and comfort of France’s Biologique Recherche. Looking for a luxurious spa experience?

Ambassade Paris is now in Bangkok. Experience the unique sensation of this historic destination for beauty, health and well-being. Experience authentic French heritage with the luxury of modern services in Thailand’s stunning and vibrant capital.

Visit us today for a truly out of this world Spa Bangkok experience that you will never forget!

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Each space is specially designed with the treatment protocols in mind, offering a warm atmosphere, plush comfort and technical facilities. The brand’s Blue, White and Gold color scheme reigns in the interiors and furnishings, with an added touch of sophistication that is pure Biologique Recherche.

Upstairs, our cozy single and double treatment rooms can accommodate individual sessions as well as twosomes. There is also a hairdressing salon inside the Ambassade, on the ground floor right next to the sales area for skin care Bangkok.

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Ambassade beauticians are trained in Biologique Recherche methodology, serving clients who are looking for a different and highly effective treatment experience. First they conduct a thorough assessment of the skin’s condition. Based on this analysis, they will perform the personalized Spa Bangkok treatment protocol that applies to your Skin Instant©.